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2023 AWL Luncheon

Participants in the luncheon will complete a StrengthFinders assessment in advance and receive an in-depth, personalized report. During the luncheon, Leah JM Dean will facilitate discussion and activities about your results and provide tips and tools to help you maximize your leadership potential.

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Virtual Mentor Series Available for Viewing

If you attended the Virtual Mentor Series events and wished you could view them again or if you missed any of the speakers, you can now watch all of them on the AWL website.

The entire series has been posted for your convenience. Watch and share them with friends. Visit Resources or click the link below.

  • Dr. Ella Simmons — Navigating Leadership (and the essentials of chairing a board)
  • Dr. Heather Crews — Managing Your Time and Energy
  • Dr. Gina Creek — The Art of Decision-Making
  • Leah JM Dean — Assemble Your Tribe

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Navigating Leadership

Dr. Ella Simmons shared priceless leadership lessons at our latest Virtual Mentor Series event. Simmons, who will be retiring as a general vice president for the Seventh-day Adventist Church at the upcoming General Conference Session, opened up to our audience about navigating leadership as a woman and how to chair boards.

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Are You Deciding What’s Most Important?

Women from the across the United States and Canada gathered for the third Virtual Mentor Series event to talk about managing time and energy.


There are so many things that vie for attention during our days, said Pastor Heather Crews, the featured speaker for the April 26 event. However, it’s important to pay attention to what is really a priority. 

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The Art of Leading Group Decision-Making

Do groups make better decisions than individuals?

Gina Creek, executive director of AdventHealth’s Leadership Institute, posed this question to women attending the second Virtual Mentor Series event on March 24. Attendees from Washington state to Nebraska, Kentucky, Maryland and Ohio shared their thoughts.

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Feeling Alone? It’s Time To Assemble Your Tribe

How do you navigate onliness? Are you lonely? Does it make you want to leave your role? Does it prohibit you from speaking up in a room? Do you feel less confident?

Leah JM Dean, author and executive leadership coach shared lessons on how to navigate onliness, at Adventist Women Leaders’ first Virtual Mentor Series event. Thirty-five women from across the U.S.; Montreal, Canada; Bermuda and Zimbabwe joined together on Zoom to participate in a presentation and discussion on how assembling your tribe can help.

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Introducing the AWL Virtual Mentor Series

Adventist Women Leaders is launching a new resource for women leaders in 2022. It’s called the AWL Virtual Mentor Series and will address topics women suggested in our survey and discussion groups.

“We asked women leaders to share best practices, lessons learned, and how to effectively do everything from chairing a board, to building and leading teams to having difficult conversations, to finding your voice when you’re the only woman at the table,” says Celeste Ryan Blyden, AWL chair. “We’ve all been there, so let’s come together and help each other through.”


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Blessing Bestowed at Friday Night Fellowship

A peace passed over the women gathered Oct. 15 for Adventist Women Leaders’ Friday Night Fellowship.

“My sisters, you are beautiful,” said Deborah A. Hill, author, former elected public official, and the night’s featured speaker.

She poured affirmation and encouragement upon the women representing states across the United States from California to Texas, Nebraska, Maryland, and Massachusetts.


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Women call attention to their needs and challenges

The need to be respected, heard, and valued reverberated in Adventist Women Leader’s recent survey. Fifty women, most of whom are departmental ministry leaders and educators, shared their responses to seven questions. Here are a few of the comments on challenges and needs women in this community face.

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Let’s Talk About Fear

Fear has many faces, Bonita Shields, North American Division vice president for Ministries and chair of the AWL committee, told the 31 women attending the Let’s Talk About Fear virtual event on March 18.

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“Don’t Let the Crystal Balls Drop”

How is it possible to be anxious for nothing?

Lillian Torres, assistant evangelism director for the Pennsylvania Conference, asked that question to the more than 20 women attending Adventist Women Leaders Friday Night Fellowship on March 26. The women, joining the virtual event from Los Angeles and Oklahoma to the Virgin Islands and St. Croix, admitted it is difficult.