Feeling Alone? It’s Time To Assemble Your Tribe

How do you navigate onliness? Are you lonely? Does it make you want to leave your role? Does it prohibit you from speaking up in a room? Do you feel less confident?

Leah JM Dean, author and executive leadership coach shared lessons on how to navigate onliness, at Adventist Women Leaders’ first Virtual Mentor Series event. Thirty-five women from across the U.S.; Montreal, Canada; Bermuda and Zimbabwe joined together on Zoom to participate in a presentation and discussion on how assembling your tribe can help.

“We have tribes to create safety and support, but they also become a springboard,” Dean said.

Using the story of Christ and his disciples, Dean shared lessons on how to assemble a tribe that allows us to experience belonging.

“Christ was the ultimate only,” Dean says. “There is no other leader before or since who has carried the mantel that he carried.”

To learn about who we need in our tribe and how God is already working to send us the right people, watch Dean’s presentation. Details on how are coming soon.

AWL’s Virtual Mentor Series is one of the ways this community is working to fulfill the needs of support for women leaders around the globe.

“Growing takes us out of our comfort zone,” said Ann Roda, AWL Committee member and vice president of Mission Integration and Spiritual Care for Adventist HealthCare. “It can be both exhilarating and scary at the same time. However, growing is best done when done together with others, so we can support one another, encourage and lift each other up to be the leaders God has called us to.”

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— Michele Joseph, managing editor, Adventist Women Leaders newsletter

Christ was the ultimate only. There is no other leader before or since who has carried the mantel that he carried.

Did you miss it?

Watch the recording of Leah JM Dean’s presentation. You’ll find it on our website soon.

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