Virtual Mentor Series

Adventist Women Leaders is launching a new resource for women leaders in 2022. It’s called the AWL Virtual Mentor Series and will address topics women suggested in our survey and discussion groups.

“We asked women leaders to share best practices, lessons learned, and how to effectively do everything from chairing a board, to building and leading teams to having difficult conversations, to finding your voice when you’re the only woman at the table,” says Celeste Ryan Blyden, AWL chair. “We’ve all been there, so let’s come together and help each other through.”

Flourish Podcast

Listen to our discussions with women leaders who share what makes a good leader, finding and becoming effective mentors, “the divine gift of womanhood” and having difficult conversations in the workplace. Listen on Spotify and iTunes. Please subscribe and give positive reviews and ratings to raise the podcast’s visibility and encourage others to listen. To listen to past editions of our podcast, click here.