Judy Leach

The origins of Judy Leach’s hope, the key factor she wants to impart upon all who enter her hospital, comes from an unlikely source: the death of her beloved husband.

“The circumstances of my husband’s passing puts me in the place to put myself in the shoes of the families of those who are experiencing challenging times,” said Leach, president of Adventist Health Mendocino Coast.

Jonathan Leach, her husband of 29 years, left home five years ago to undergo what doctors said was a “normal procedure” and anticipated his return home within a day. He never came home. What occurred to Jonathan Leach in that midwestern hospital shattered the family as well as the medical community.

Mary Jo Dubs

Mary Jo Dubs believes getting to know yourself and the passions and talents God has given you are an essential part of worship.

It’s also key in growing as a leader.

As the director of both Women’s and Family ministries for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference, Dubs admits she wasn’t sure how God planned to use her.

“I felt God calling me into ministry, but I didn’t know how to be,” she said, recalling her nervousness at her first Women’s Ministry retreat. She felt intimidated as if ”I had gotten in way over my head.”

That night as she knelt to pray before going up to speak, she felt God tell her ”to be strong and courageous.”

It’s been something she has strived toward ever since.

Sheri Clemmer

Sheri Clemmer has become adept at adapting to change.

As the meeting planner for the Seventh-day Adventist Church, she has organized the General Conference sessions since 2005. But, in January 2020, Clemmer watched as the event she had been planning for nine years — the GC session scheduled for June 2020 — was postponed with one executive committee vote due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Here we are just months away from the biggest event we do every five years and suddenly we have to start over,” Clemmer said of the session planned for Indianapolis, Ind.

She would need to renegotiate contracts for the 5,000 hotel rooms that would serve the church’s more than 2,700 delegates and their families. Nonprofits and businesses would no longer be invited. Exhibit halls would now be used along with other meeting rooms to accommodate social distancing. Menus needed to be adjusted and more rooms acquired for dining hall seating. Speakers, musicians and more would be cancelled. Programs, ready to be translated in five languages, would need to be retooled.

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