Are You Deciding What’s Most Important?

Women from the across the United States and Canada gathered for the third Virtual Mentor Series event to talk about managing time and energy.

There are so many things that vie for attention during our days, said Pastor Heather Crews, the featured speaker for the April 26 event. However, it’s important to pay attention to what is really a priority.

Each time you say yes to a request you are saying no to something else, she said.

She encouraged the women to put what they believe is most important first — time with God and family. Crews also suggested assessing how much energy the tasks and responsibilities of a day take. Some activities may be draining, while others may be energizing and can affect how we perform for the rest of the day.

Crews polled the audience (see questions above) to help women think about their most productive times of the day and what they would prefer to be placed in that time. The women also spent time sharing their favorite time management tips and resources.

Pastor Brenda Billingy urged the women to reserve 10 minutes a day for rest.

“Use it as me time,” she said.

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— Michele Joseph, managing editor, Adventist Women Leaders newsletter

Each time you say yes to a request you are saying no to something else.

Did you miss it?

If you were unable to attend the Virtual Mentor Series event with executive leadership coach Leah Dean or would like to watch it again, you can!

Dean’s presentation, Assemble Your Tribe, is now available on the Adventist Women Leaders website.

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